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Welcome to the Wirecard Online Guides which offer technical information, examples and reference material for integrating and using Wirecard CEE solutions for your e-commerce business.

If you are new to e-commerce and first of all need some basic information especially for defining the checkout process in your online shop, we have compiled for you A Comprehensive Guide to Payment which provides extensive background information and contains the most important milestones summed up in chronological order.

What's new?

In What's new? you get an overview on our latest updates and enhancements to our solutions.

Product Demos

If you are about to choose one of our Wirecard solutions for your online shop you may want to first have a look at our different product demos. You can use the demo data and the test data for transactions to gain a first impression and become familiar with the product's features.

Integration into Shop Systems

If you use a shop system for your online shop you can integrate our Wirecard checkout solutions by simply installing one of our shop plugins. We offer these free of charge shop plugins for many shop systems.

Additionally we are integrated in many shop-systems and market places.

Please visit Integration into Shop Systems for further information on the currently supported plugins and integrations.

Wirecard Checkout Page

Wirecard Checkout Page excels through its simple and easy integration into your online shop. The complete payment process can be added to your shop system with only a minimum of integration effort.

Visit Wirecard Checkout Page for further information and integration details. Following is a Quick Guide for Developers who want to dive right into the software.

Wirecard Checkout Seamless

Wirecard Checkout Seamless is perfectly suited for a “seamless” integration of a checkout process into the user interface of your shop. Additionally you can adapt the payment process steps to your specific business requirements by separating the gathering of payment specific consumer data from the actual payment process.

Please visit Wirecard Checkout Seamless for further information and integration details.

Back-end Operations

Back-end operations are subdivided into transaction-based and non-transaction-based operations. Transaction-based operations depend on existing orders, i.e. orders which have been completed by the consumers in your online shop and which are at your disposal for further actions. Non-transaction-based operations do not depend on existing orders. I.e. such operations are carried out independently of any existing orders.

For further information and details visit back-end operations for Wirecard Checkout Page Wirecard Checkout Seamless.

You can find detailed tables displaying all supported payment methods and their corresponding operations at transaction-based operations by payment method and non-transaction-based operations by payment method.

Integration of Specific Payment Methods

Some of the payment methods we offer require specific integration steps or an external registration and setup process on the web site of the corresponding financial service provider.

Please visit Integration of specific payment methods for further information.

Wirecard Checkout Automated

Wirecard Checkout Automated is a browser-based web interface suited for applications that are non real-time critical (catalog orders, recurring payments, subscriptions, etc.).

Please visit Wirecard Checkout Automated for further information and integration details.

Wirecard Checkout Terminal

Wirecard Checkout Terminal is a browser-based web interface suited for handling payments that are usually transmitted to a call center or customer service of an online shop via phone, fax or order form.

Please visit Wirecard Checkout Terminal for further information and details.

Wirecard Payment Center

Wirecard Payment Center forms an integral part of all Wirecard CEE solutions. As a web-based tool, Wirecard Payment Center is designed as accounting interface to support the management of your payment transactions (authorizations, cancelations, credit items, etc.).

Please visit Wirecard Payment Center for further information and details.

How to ...

When launching, customizing or optimizing the integration of our solutions you may have asked yourself how to solve a specific situation. In our How to section you will find answers to some of these questions.

If you come across a topic not yet described or if you want to improve a topic, please do not hesitate to contact our support teams.

Wirecard CEE Partner Program and Payment Network

Teamwork and partnerhips are the foundation of our success! We invite you to participate in our success by becoming a partner of Wirecard CEE. We are looking for integration partners, project partners and sales partners.

Please visit Wirecard CEE Partner Program and Payment network for further information.


Our Glossary contains definitions and explanations of the most common terms and technical expressions used in this Online Guide and is arranged in alphabetical order.

Information on the Protection of Personal Data

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