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 ====== Contact Information ====== ====== Contact Information ======
-<html><div style="color:#FF7373; font-size:20px; padding-bottom:12px";>Important Information</div></html> 
-{{:icon-calendar.png?60 |}}As of <html><font style="color:#FF7373";><b>30 September 2020,</b></font></html> our even faster, more convenient checkout solutions will replace the solutions this documentation was primarily built for. We will <html><font style="color:#FF7373";><b>no longer offer support</b></font></html> for the following solutions: Checkout Page, Checkout Seamless, Checkout Enterprise, Toolkit, Checkout Terminal & Payment Center. \\ 
-For this reason, <html><font style="color:#FF7373";><b>you must switch to</b></font></html> our updated solutions in order to continue processing online transactions compliant with the latest PSD2 and 3D Secure 2 requirements. \\ 
-Please take a look at <html><a href=""><b>our new online documentation</b></a></html>, or <html><a href=""><b>learn more</b></a></html> about your benefit from an improved checkout experience for you and your customers. 
-<html><a href=""><button>Online Documentation</button></a></html> 
-<html><a href=""><button>New Solutions</button></a></html> 
-<html><a href=""><button>Book Appointment</button></a></html> 
 If you have any **questions or need further assistance** do not hesitate to contact our [[:support|support teams]].  If you have any **questions or need further assistance** do not hesitate to contact our [[:support|support teams]]. 

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