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Logos, Wording and Parameter Values

One of the most effective means to optimize your online shop and increase your conversion rate is to prominently display the logos of the payment methods you accept in your online shop.

Wirecard will gladly support you to enhance your online business and offers you to download logos of all supported payment methods free of charge.

Please note that these logos are to be used exclusively for visualization purposes regarding the payment methods which are processed via the Wirecard CEE interface and offered in your online shop. Wirecard CEE does not assume any guarantee or liability for the correctness, topicality and completeness of this graphical material that is made available to you.

Overview table

The following table shows a list of all payment methods which are supported by Wirecard, their respective logos and correct wording in English and German, as well as the value of the corresponding paymentType.

In order to assure a consistent and correct spelling of each payment method, we recommend that in your online shop you only use the wording set out in this table.

Logo Payment method English Payment method German Value of parameter paymentType
Credit card
Credit Card Kreditkarte CCARD
American Express American Express CCARD
American Express SafeKey American Express SafeKey CCARD
Diners Club Diners Club CCARD
Discover Discover CCARD
J/Secure™ J/Secure™ CCARD
Maestro SecureCode Maestro SecureCode CCARD, MAESTRO
Mastercard Mastercard CCARD
Mastercard SecureCode Mastercard SecureCode CCARD
Visa Visa CCARD
Verified by Visa Verified by Visa CCARD
Masterpass Masterpass MASTERPASS
Masterpass Masterpass MASTERPASS
eps-Überweisung eps-Überweisung EPS
giropay giropay GIROPAY
Przelewy24 Przelewy24 PRZELEWY24
TatraPay TatraPay TATRAPAY
Trustly Trustly TRUSTLY
TrustPay TrustPay TRUSTPAY
Alternative payments EPAY_BG
Installment Kauf auf Raten INSTALLMENT
Invoice Kauf auf Rechnung INVOICE MONETA
PayPal PayPal PAYPAL
paysafecard paysafecard PSC
Skrill Digital Wallet Skrill Digital Wallet SKRILLWALLET
Direct Debit
SEPA Direct Debit SEPA Lastschrift SEPA-DD
Mobile payments
paybox paybox PAYBOX

Bank logos for eps-Überweisung

For eps-Überweisung the logos of the supporting banks can be downloaded here.

Payment method description templates

We provide description templates both in German and English for a series of payment methods you may offer in your online shop. We invite you to use and combine these texts freely to match them with the wording in your online shop.

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