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For a secure and successful use of Wirecard Checkout Page and Wirecard Checkout Seamless remember to fulfill the following prerequisites described in detail on this page.

Licence contract with Wirecard CEE

The Wirecard Checkout Server works with a large set of various banking and credit card companies. Your Wirecard license contract (or the Wirecard license contract of your merchant you are developing for) names the specific financial institutions by which payment processing is offered by Wirecard CEE. You can get detailed information about the available financial service providers, acquirers and product combinations from our sales teams.

Individual acceptance contracts and "Collecting Model"

You will need appropriate contract(s) with financial service provider(s) depending on the payment methods you offer in your online shop. This contract contains also the account information to which the financial service provider will transfer the processed amounts.

Additionally we offer you a so-called “Collecting Model” which enables you to collect payments from various payment methods to a single bank account. For this model you only need one contract with Wirecard Bank.

If you have any questions regarding this topic please contact our sales teams.

Usability considerations

Please take the following usability issue(s) into consideration before you start integrating the Wirecard Checkout Page to your online shop.

Displaying Wirecard Checkout Page in your online shop

You are able to choose how you want to display the Wirecard Checkout Page within your online shop:

  • As a stand-alone page replacing your online shop in the browser window or tab.
  • As a new tab within the browser.
  • As an iframe within your online shop.
  • As a pop-up window within the web browser.

We do not recommend the usage of pop-up windows containing the Wirecard Checkout Page because of the common usage of pop-up blockers within the popular browsers, which may prevent the opening of the pop-up window.

If your online shop is aimed especially for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, we also do not recommend using iframes for presenting the Wirecard Checkout Page because of a bad user experience for the consumer of your mobile online shop.

Enabling JavaScript

Security settings in Internet Explorer

If Internet Explorer security settings are set to HIGH, the Wirecard Checkout Seamless example, Wirecard Checkout Seamless data storage and Wirecard Checkout Page will not work because JavaScript is disabled.

Noscript plugin in other browsers

If browser extensions like Firefox NoScript or Chrome ScriptSafe are activated, the Wirecard Checkout Seamless example, Wirecard Checkout Seamless data storage and Wirecard Checkout Page will not work because JavaScript is disabled.

Demo mode and production mode

During integration of Wirecard Checkout Page into your online shop you are able to test your current state of your integration within a demo mode. In this mode you can try your integration into test the interfaces between your online shop and the Wirecard Checkout Page without executing real payments.

In demo mode there is no communication with the financial providers, but there is a communication between your online shop and the Wirecard Checkout Page. Therefore it is required that you have a connection to the Internet to gain access to the Wirecard Checkout Page.

After finishing the integration and the testing of your implementation you can switch from testing to production mode. This is done by changing the values of the parameter customerId and the value of the secret you will get from our support teams after closing your contract with Wirecard CEE.

Day-end closings

After a consumer has successfully completed a payment in your online shop, this payment (depending on the payment method) is only approved. You have to do a regular deposit and day-end closing of all payments in order to receive the amounts from your financial service providers.

Uncaptured approvals

Please note that uncaptured approvals will expire after 7-14 calendar days if you forget the day-end closings. The exact deadline depends on the regulations of each financial provider you use. If you exceed the individual deadline you are not able to submit or receive these payments any more.

Automated day-end closings

To prevent the expiration of uncaptured payments you have the possibility to use the automated day-end closing which is offered as an optional feature of the Wirecard Checkout Page. To enable this feature please contact your sales teams.

Please note that in accordance with our terms and conditions you have agreed to display our Wirecard logo within your online shop. This logo has to be displayed on the page containing the order overview of your consumer in your online shop and where the payment process within Wirecard Checkout Page or Wirecard Checkout Seamless is started.

You can download our Wirecard logo here.

Since security is a crucial issue when it comes to buy in an online shop, it is very important to assure your consumers of the secure and trustworthy handling of their payment data in your online shop. Therefore we also recommend that you link the Wirecard logo directly to our web site where your consumers will gain important information on payment security as guaranteed by Wirecard CEE.

Wirecard Payment Center

As a web-based tool, Wirecard Payment Center is designed as accounting interface and allows you to search and view payments and start additional operations and transactions, e.g. approve or refund.

For further information and details we invite you to go to Wirecard Payment Center.

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