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If the default design and layout of Wirecard Checkout Page do not fit to the design and layout of your online shop, you have different possibilities to modify the design of Wirecard Checkout Page.

Customization using CSS

The responsive design of Wirecard Checkout Page can be adjusted using a valid CSS file. The URL to this CSS file is stored on your server and must be accessible from the Internet. The CSS file is received via the given URL in the request parameter CssUrl from your server. The rule set contained in the CSS is then used by our responsive design.

Please note that due to security reasons neither url() functions nor @import directives (e.g. external fonts) are allowed in the CSS file. If they are used they will be ignored.
Never send any font changes within the CSS file. Security checks may last several minutes and lead to payment cancelation. We strongly recommend to customize your fonts using CSS templates.

Please download the following zip-file containing the customization templates (MD5 hash: 921B7B76EF176E755C7E0EC4B8E05891).

These templates are also available on GitHub.

For more information visit CSS.

Customization using templates

In the custom template files (see below) the following aspects of Wirecard Checkout Page can be customized:

  • Display and positioning of additional images.
  • Adjustment of page layout.
  • Use of merchant font styles.
  • Use of additional texts.

Based on these template files you are able to customize the following pages within the payment process of Wirecard Checkout Page:

  • Info page: This page manages user input of your consumer during the payment process.
  • Intermediate page: This page is displaying status information to your consumer during the payment process.
  • Payment page: This page displays content of external pages like authentication of 3-D Secure codes.

Please be aware that you are not able to customize 3rd party pages which may be shown to your consumer during the payment process. Typical examples of such 3rd party pages are handling the 3-D Secure process of credit cards or financial institution dependent online banking pages.

What are the customization restrictions?

During your customization please be aware of the following rules:

  • Do not use JavaScript for security reasons.
  • Do not change the structure of the folders and the names of the files. You can add additional files regarding images, or CSS if you need.
  • Do not remove the tags in the template files otherwise you may lose some specific functionalities within the payment process.
  • All your changes between the tags will be ignored and replaced by our content.
  • The maximum file size of your zipped template must not exceed 2 MB.
  • External links are not permitted.
  • Do not add additional font files.

What are the prerequisites?

The customization of Wirecard Checkout Page is an optional feature which need to be ordered by contacting our sales teams and enabled by our support teams.

What are the steps to perform?

To customize Wirecard Checkout Page you have to perform the following steps:

  1. Order this feature for your online shop by contacting our sales teams.
  2. Please be patient till our support teams enable this feature for your online shop.
  3. In the meantime you may already want to start editing the templates to your needs.
  4. After editing of the template files, please send them as a zipped file to our support teams. We will check your customization and configure Wirecard Checkout Page according to your needs.

Editing the templates

Downloading and unzipping the templates file

First of all, download the zip-file containing the templates for customization (MD5 hash: 921B7B76EF176E755C7E0EC4B8E05891).

These templates are also available on GitHub.

This zip-file contains the following elements:

  • … template for managing user input
  • qtemplate.intermediate.html … template for displaying intermediate information within the payment process
  • qtemplate.payment.html … template for displaying external pages within the payment process
  • /img … folder containing required images
  • /styles … folder containing CSS files
    • merchant.css … CSS file where you can add your CSS related customizations
    • qstyles.css … CSS File of standard design of Wirecard Checkout Page (please do not edit this file)

What are Wirecard tags?

Within the HTML files (, qtemplate.intermediate.html and qtemplate.payment.html) you can see HTML comments which start always with the text ”QENTA” and end always with ”BEGIN” or ”END”. In between there are individual names, depending on the individual tag.

These tags define the beginning and the end of page elements which are replaced with current values of the actual payment of your consumer when using Wirecard Checkout Page. To help you during your customization of these template files, we have added typical dummy texts between these tags. In production mode all content between these tags will be replaced by Wirecard Checkout Page.

  ... some dummy content ...

Which elements of Wirecard Checkout Page can be customized?

Within the customization possibilities you can modify the following elements:

  • Customizing the HTML files outside the Wirecard specific tags to modify the markup and content of these HTML pages.
  • Customizing the CSS file named ”merchant.css” within the folder ”/styles”.
  • Customizing of image files within the folder ”/img” which are not used within the Wirecard tags.

Masking of special characters in templates

In order to avoid any display problems in your online shop resulting from the use of special characters it is required that you mask such special characters with HTML entities in the templates you forward to Wirecard.

For a list of HTML entities to mask special characters please visit HTML entities.

Testing the customization

You can either open the HTML files directly in the file system in your favorite browser or upload them to your web server to test in real conditions like https.

Which Wirecard tags can be used in which page?

Wirecard Tag qtemplate.intermediate.html qtemplate.payment.html
QHEAD Required Required Required
QSCRIPTWARNING Required Required Required
QMERCHANTIMAGE Optional Optional Optional
QMERCHANTIMAGE200X100 Optional Optional Optional
QBRANDIMAGEVERTICAL Optional Optional Optional
QBRANDIMAGEHORIZONTAL Optional Optional Optional
QBRANDIMAGE200X220 Optional Optional Optional
QBRANDIMAGE350X30 Optional Optional Optional
QCERTIFICATE Required Required Required
QENTAINFO Required Required Required
QORDERINFO Optional Optional Never
QORDIVIDER Optional Never Never
QINPUTHEAD Required Never Never
QINPUTFOOT Required Never Never
QINFOTEXT Never Required Never
QERRORTEXT Required Required Never
QINPUT Required Never Never
QCSSBUTTONS Required Never Never
QBUTTONS Required Never Never
QWAKEUPMESSAGE Never Never Required

Description of Wirecard tags


Contains the title of the HTML page, the include of the default CSS (”/styles/qstyles.css”), the includes for the JavaScript files and sets the content type.


Contains a warning text if JavaScript is not enabled within the web browser of your consumer.


Contains the logo of your online shop, i.e. the image you alternatively define by setting a URL in the request parameter imageUrl. Depending on the tag you use in the template files your logo can have the following dimensions in pixel:

Tag Image width Image height
QMERCHANTIMAGE 95pixel 65pixel
QMERCHANTIMAGE200X100 200pixel 100pixel

Please be aware that you can use only one of these two tags in your customized checkout page.


Contains the logos of the brands of payment methods you offer in your online shop which may be displayed within the payment process. Depending on the tag you use within the template files the brand logos can have the following dimensions in pixel:

Tag Image width Image height
QBRANDIMAGE200X220 200pixel 220pixel
QBRANDIMAGE350X30 350pixel 30pixel

Please be aware that you can use only one of these four tags within your customized checkout page.

If you set a different background color for the HTML pages, you are able to set also the background color for the brand image containing the logos. This can be done by using ”backgroundColor” as an additional optional request parameter. The value for this parameter is a hex-coded RGB color-value for the color you are using as your background color, e.g. ”f0f0f0”.


Contains the certification logo of VeriSign.


Contains the logo of Wirecard, which is required for each page within the Wirecard Checkout Page.


Contains information about the current order of your consumer in your online shop. This is the text you send as request parameter ”displayText” to Wirecard Checkout Page. Additionally the amount, currency and current date are displayed to your consumer.


Contains a visible horizontal line with the word or in the middle of it, and is only displayed above the card holder data input fields when Masterpass is enabled.


Contains the header for the input fields.


Contains the footer of the input fields.


Contains information texts regarding the current state within the payment process.


Contains information texts regarding error messages or critical information texts.


Contains input elements like text fields, option buttons, radio buttons, check boxes or selection lists. These elements are always encapsulated within the tags ”QINPUTHEAD” and ”QINPUTFOOT”.


Contains the buttons for the actions “Cancel”, “Back” and “Next”. Please be aware that these buttons are defined as unordered list items and designed as buttons via corresponding CSS definitions.


Contains the buttons as images for the actions “Cancel”, “Back” and “Next”. These buttons are defined as images with the following names:

  • Back button: button_back_[language].gif
  • Next button: button_next_[language].gif
  • Cancel button: button_next_[language].gif

where [language] means the two-character shortcut for a language, e.g. button_back_en.gif is the image for the back button in English.

This method of displaying buttons on a customized version of Wirecard Checkout Page is outdated and only documented for compatibility reasons to old customizations. Please use QCSSBUTTONS instead of QBUTTONS.


Contains pages of 3rd party financial institutions like 3-D Secure for credit cards or online banking pages.


Contains a list of express checkout and “Buy with …” buttons. Only displayed on the credit card input page.

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